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Subtle Pride Bracelet - copper wire wrapped

Subtle Pride Bracelet - copper wire wrapped

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Bracelet width

Rainbow beads and lave stones intertwined in copper with an easy to secure clasp. Perfect gift for pride month or those who just love rainbows!

Measure around the wrist in inches to find your length. This is for one bracelet.

What is so special about copper??
Copper, when worn, is very healing for the immune system. It's an energy conductor - more energy! Copper can improve blood circulation, reduce pain, and reduce stiff joints.
When copper is paired with gemstones, such in jewelry, the gemstone properties become magnified.
There are so many amazing healing properties of copper, these are just a few.

*You may notice short term skin discoloration from natural copper because of an oxidation reaction. When copper mingles with external elements such as oxygen, sweat on your skin, and other oils, it can leave copper carbonate on the skin, which shows up as a green layer. This reaction is completely natural and not at all harmful.

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