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Ethiopian Opal Princess Pendant - sterling silver wire wrapped

Ethiopian Opal Princess Pendant - sterling silver wire wrapped

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Sterling silver chain length

Ethiopian Opal wrapped in sterling silver wire with small silver beads. Choose your chain length.

This opal has a range of colors: blue, green and some purple.

Pendant size: 4 cm x 2 cm


Care: Ethiopian opal is hydrophane (from the Greek meaning “water loving”) and absorbs liquids. Because of this, the stone can absorb liquids that will damage its color properties; any water it absorbs should dry in a day or two without damaging the stone. Be aware that oils, soaps and chemicals (including perfumes), if absorbed, may stain the stone, changing its color or damaging its signature play of light. Clean the stone with a soft cloth. Never clean using soap, chemicals, oil, steam or ultrasonics.


Opal meanings

October's Birthstone



♥Communication with higher spirits

♥Aids in lucid dreams


Wedding wear

Bridal gift

Anniversary gift

Just because

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