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Luxurious 14k Moonstone Jewelry Set - 14k gold wire wrapped

Luxurious 14k Moonstone Jewelry Set - 14k gold wire wrapped

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14k gold filled chain length

Luxurious 14k Gold Moonstone Jewelry Set
Unleash your goddess feminine energy with this handcrafted moonstone gold jewelry set. Custom one-of-a-kind jewelry set. 14k Gold Filled. The earring's moonstones have a blue flash. The pendant's moonstone has a blue and gold flash in the stone.
*If you would like the earring ear wires to be shorter message me right away after purchase and I will accomodate you.
Pendant size: 4.5 cm x 1.5 cm
Earrings size each: 4 cm x 1 cm
I am wearing the pendant with 16 inches of gold chain in the picture. 

Need a chain? Click here to add your choice of chain and length

Moonstone meanings
June's birthstone
♥Goddess feminine energy
♥Intensifies psychic gifts
♥Aids spiritual growth during a full moon
♥Calming gemstone

Wedding wear
Bridal gift
Anniversary gift
Just because

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